Hi there, welcome to Rubitrek.com.  Let me first start out by saying, “I’m sorry.”  Either you came here expecting to book a dream adventure on the Rubicon Trail or to Moab, or you’ve come here looking for answers.

To those looking for an adventure, I’m sorry.  This website can’t help you, but I hope you find another company that can take you on a great Jeep adventure.

To those of you looking for answers, I can only tell you my story.  Maybe it will give you some answers you need, but I'm afraid I won't be able to give you all the answers you’re looking for.

My name is Rick Pollock, I own a small website design firm, 435 Design Company.  I’ve been designing websites since 1998, and independently since 2008.  I first met Chris Beckett (or Christopher Beckett, or Chris/Christopher Kader or Chris/Christopher Blaylock) on December 20, 2017.  I was looking to replace the soft top on my Jeep Wrangler with a hard top and I answered his ad on a local classifieds website.

If you’ve met Chris, then you know, he can be intense, he talks 500 mph.  He told me that he was a retired engineer for FCA, out here in Utah with his wife (who was an oral surgeon,) and he was looking to start up a Jeep Adventure Guide company for Moab and the Rubicon Trail/Lake Tahoe area.

He was excited to learn that I owned a website/print/graphic design firm.  He had a fleet of Jeeps and contracts already in place with Lake Tahoe area hotels and guides lined up in Moab.  He just needed a professional looking website to bring it all together.

We agreed that he would provide upgrades and equipment for my Jeep in exchange for a full-service website and everything associated with it.  He was in a rush, and needed it before the first of the year.  I had only recently bought my Jeep, so I was excited for new equipment and this project sounded like it could be fun, with a lot of potential down the road.

There were little red flags right off the bat, but I ignored them thinking he was simply talking faster than he was thinking.

I shouldn’t have ignored them.

I worked day and night to get his site launched on schedule.  I bought the domain name, paid for hosting, bought an SSL certificate to ensure a high ranking with Google.  I even setup social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to make sure that Rubitrek was visible in all major search engines.

When it came time for payment, Chris was all of a sudden very busy.  He had the Winter Jamboree to attend in Southern Utah, he had to go to Wyoming to look at setting up his corporation.  He’d fallen off a ladder and had spent some time in the hospital.  His sewer line had backed up into his home. He needed to run back to Michigan for a week to wrap up a few things.

But, I was told "not to worry," we’d get together “next week.”   Always, "next week."  It went on that way for a few months.  Me, making tweaks to his site and updating his social media, and Chris, assuring me that we'd get together "next week."

I started hearing from others, asking where Chris was, hearing stories of how he'd mislead them.

Finally, at the end of March 2018, the jig was up and I was beginning to worry that Chris would also take deposits from folks booking through this site for Jeep family vacations, knowing he would never deliver.  I couldn’t let that happen.

From what I’ve gathered, Chris fled the state of Utah at the end of January.  He used this professional looking website to appear more legitimate and to bilk investors and sponsors out of thousands of dollars’ worth of cash and product.

If you’re one of those investors or sponsors, I’m sorry, I don’t have answers for you.  I’m sorry that Chris used my work to con innocent people and businesses.   My only hope is spread the word and save others from a similar fate.

If you’re also a victim, please reach out.  We’re assembling a fantastic team.


Lake Tahoe/Rubicon Trail, California
Moab, Utah

info@rubitrek.com / info@435design.com

Keep an eye out and avoid any touring companies with these phone numbers or website addresses.